A farmhouse in Gironès is the setting for the ten pairs of farmers and town planners competing in “El tros”. The ten participating farmers have extensive experience in the peasant sector. The city contestants, on the other hand, are bored by nature or get into a bad mood and see no point in physical work. But during the competition they will have to put their mobile phones and social networks to one side, put on their boots and roll up their sleeves to overcome incredible physical challenges that will test their skills and endurance.

The ten couples will be divided into two families: red and blue. Both will compete to show their prowess in the peasant-related tests. The winners of each episode will get rewards, while the losers will sleep in the pallissa and can also be nominated for leaving the programme. In the end, the winning couple will get to lift the trophy for the best peasant couple in the country, as well as pocketing €10,000.

Anna Simon will present the contest with the help and advice of the Mallorcan agroyoutuber Miquel Montoro and Marina Pifarré, a peasant farmer and reference in the defence of peasants, who will act as judges for each test. In addition, each programme will feature an expert on the subject of the day, who will assess the contestants’ skills and warn them about the difficulties of the tasks to be carried out.

“El Tros”, a 3Cat production with the collaboration of Shine Iberia, is a spectacular contest that vindicates the Labrador life and thanks to which we will all return to our roots.