• Miki Nadal and Juanma Castaño raise the level with new challenges and guests in the new ‘Cinco Tenedores’ programmes.
  • Each week, a prestigious chef and two famous chefs who know each other very well will cook with Miki and Juanma to achieve the golden fork.
  • Chef Jordi Cruz, actress Loles León and singer and actress Lolita are the guests of the first culinary battle.
  • Premiere on Wednesday 14 September on Movistar Plus+.

After the hard-fought final of T1, Miki Nadal and Juanma Castaño meet again in the kitchen. Next Wednesday, 14 September, ‘Cinco Tenedores’ returns to Movistar Plus+ with more competition, more recipes and a higher level.

Five new programmes in which the mechanics take a turn as it will be a prestigious national chef who will propose the ingredient that must not be missing in the cooking, thus raising the level of competition and demand. In addition, the chefs who will help Miki and Juanma in the kitchen know each other very well, so the confrontations will be much more intense, but also much more fun.

Jordi Cruz, Loles León and Lolita, first guests

In this episode, the well-known chef Jordi Cruz proposes cooking with a very special ingredient: red prawns. The teams formed by Miki Nadal and Lolita Flores and Juanma Castaño and Loles León will try to make the best dish and win the first golden fork of the season.

As usual in ‘Cinco Tenedores’, after the day in the kitchen, the guests will sit down to taste the menu in an evening that will be spent among confidences, laughter and comments on the dishes cooked. In addition, Juanma Castaño will receive an unexpected but very special surprise.

Five new battles to choose the new winner of ‘Cinco Tenedores’.

For yet another season, Movistar Plus+ is committed to talent and the best entertainment content.

Cinco Tenedores’ is an original Movistar Plus+ production in collaboration with Shine Iberia.

From Wednesday 14 September at 22:30h on #0 on Movistar Plus+ (dial 7) and available on the on-demand service.