Last night, ‘Maestros de la Costura’ put the finishing touch to the edition with the highest level of couture. In the grand final, Ancor and Lluís demonstrated their mastery of the needle by designing and making two incredible dresses inspired by the Valentino universe. In the end, the jury proclaimed Ancor the winner in one of the most hard-fought finals of the sewing and fashion design talent.

The final gala registered its best audience share of the season: an average of 1,635,000 viewers, 14.7% of the screen share, saw how the Valencian won the golden mannequin, 50,000 euros and a specialised training course in Fashion Design at the Centro Superior de Moda de Madrid of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. A total of 4,103,000 people watched the final at some point, which reached its most watched minute at 23:01, with 2,048,000 viewers.

Ancor took part in the casting last year, but did not make it into the workshop. He would not have made it this year either if it had not been for his wife, who secretly signed him up and encouraged him to keep trying. Week after week, he won over the public and the jury’s trust until he had to face trap fashion, a test for which he was expelled in the fourth programme. He came back in the repechage and last night he was crowned the winner of the edition, becoming the first ‘Maestros de la Costura’ repechage winner. Now he dreams of opening his own atelier and training with the best.

“The elegance of the 50s, but with a chic touch”.

For the grand final duel, she made a dress made in natural silk with clear inspiration from Marilyn Monroe: a fitted, floor-length fitted bodice, a bias neckline and, as a surprise element that gives versatility to the design, a belt-tie made with 11 metres of fabric that acts as a train. A design very true to his personal style that “brings the elegance of the 50s, but with a chic touch”, as he described it to the jury.

“The image is beautiful, with a very marked silhouette. You’ve made the most of the fabric. The bias binding around the neckline is perfect and the bow, which is a kind of sculpture, is wonderful. We really enjoyed watching you work. This red carpet dress is an Ancor, and you can see it in the red carpet. That’s something we told you as soon as you entered the workshop and you’ve been getting the best out of yourself right to the end”, the jury congratulated her before the international model Nuria Rothschild paraded in this dress with its retro lines and personal style.
“Since the beginning of the season we knew that we would have a very difficult time in every challenge, but in this final duel you have made it really difficult for us. You were able to cope with the pressure and you were very focused”, said the jury after seeing the result of the test. Even the guests Benedetta Poletti, director of ELLE magazine in Spain, and the model Nuria Rothschild were very surprised with the creations and the level of the duelists.

Lluís, runner-up, will continue his training with a Vogue diploma in Fashion Styling and Production, taught by Condé Nast College Spain in collaboration with the Carlos III University of Madrid. Yelimar and Gabriel, third and fourth classified, will have the opportunity to receive the avant-garde Eometric method, with the revolutionary unisex patternmaking method created by the master patternmaker and designer Estanislao, which is taught in a five-day workshop format at his prestigious training centre in Barcelona.