• The doors of the workshop open again to find the next master of the needle in Spain.
  • We are looking for fashion and sewing enthusiasts who want to make this hobby their profession and learn from the best designers.
  • Casting for the 6th season of ‘Maestros de la Costura’ is now open on RTVE.es

The search for new candidates who want to wear the apron of ‘Maestros de la Costura’ has begun. The workshop of the sewing and fashion design talent produced by RTVE in collaboration with Shine Iberia will reopen its doors to find the sixth master of the needle.

The casting, which is already open on the RTVE website, is looking for people who want to take a step forward in their love of sewing and learn from the best professionals in the sector. Those interested can register now at rtve.es/castingmaestros.

Alicia Cao, Rosa León, Josha Velázquez, Ancor Montaner and Lluís Mengual came to the workshop with a dream: to make their passion their profession. After weeks of learning and a lot of sewing, they managed to wear the duelist’s dressing gown and embroider their name in gold letters in the programme’s history. However, their time on the talent show was only the beginning of their professional career. Both the winners and many of the apprentices who have participated in ‘Maestros de la Costura’ make a living from fashion, have launched their own collections and have even managed to open their own workshops.