The biggest cooking competition in the world is about to start! As of 20 November on RTP1, everyone will be able to follow closely and learn all the tips from Chefs Vitor Sobral, Marlene Vieira and Óscar Geadas.

The passion for cooking has long united the Portuguese. And if you add to that the emotions of all the MasterChef Portugal aspirants, all the ingredients are there to bring the whole family together on Saturday evenings, always from 9 p.m. on RTP1.

MasterChef Portugal is once again inviting amateur chefs from all over the country to run after their dream. But one that is expected to be full of challenges, perhaps even the greatest challenge of their lives. After a casting process, the aspiring MasterChef Portugal cooks start a series of weeks of competition, with more creative studio challenges and grandiose tastings in such special and emblematic places of our country, our history and our traditions.

On RTP1, for 15 weeks, we will be able to follow in MasterChef Portugal the constant concern of the judges with sustainability, respect for the rhythms of nature and the judicious use of the best seasonal and local products. This is one of the great flagships of MasterChef, which, together with our partners, we will pass on to the aspirants to this much sought-after achievement: being Masterchef Portugal.

The aspirants will be evaluated by Chefs Vítor Sobral, Marlene Vieira and Óscar Geadas, three very Portuguese jurors, with roots from Minho, Galicia, Beira, Transmontana and Alentejo, who will bring their discipline and passion to the competition. As guests, the best national and international Chefs will arrive in the kitchen, bringing knowledge and innovative challenges.

MasterChef is a successful format, having reached the historic milestone of 500 seasons. This iconic and award-winning programme, created by Franc Roddam, has been surprising audiences for over 30 years. Awarded as the “World’s Most Successful Cooking Programme” by Guinness World Records in 2017, it has 64 versions and over 10,000 episodes broadcast around the world.

On November 20, the most exciting competition on Portuguese television kicks off! We are scheduled to meet MasterChef Portugal every Saturday, from 21:00, on RTP1.