The new edition of MasterChef Portugal is about to arrive and with great news: three new jurors.

The biggest cooking competition in the world now has Chef Pedro Pena Bastos, Chef Noélia Jerónimo and Chef Ricardo Costa, who will bring their knowledge and passion for cooking to the competition. MasterChef Portugal will change lives and give an opportunity to all those who dream of a future in cooking.

With one Michelin star, Chef Pedro Pena Bastos, in charge of CURA, at the Ritz, explains that “cooking is synonymous with independence, versatility and expression. I want to leave the legacy of someone who fought to keep Portuguese gastronomy alive and with a future. Rigour, Discipline and Generosity, these are the three pillars that define me”.

At the head of Algarve cuisine, Chef Noélia, of Noélia, is one of the most influential women in Portuguese gastronomy. “In my life as a cook, I started by doing some funny things and people ended up falling in love with my simple way of cooking. At that time I was already in love with cooking and so I still am, after all these years.”

Chef de Cuisine at the Yeatman and holder of two Michelin stars, Chef Ricardo Costa says that “I always had a very clear vision of what I wanted my cuisine to represent: the appreciation of the essence of Portuguese gastronomy! I have always faced challenges with rigour and discipline: that is my way of working and seeing life. Generosity, on the other hand, is always present: both in teamwork and in sharing knowledge”.

The MasterChef Portugal kitchen will open its doors again soon on RTP1.