Produced in collaboration with Shine Iberia (Banijay Iberia), ‘Next Level Chef’ is a competition in which three different types of chefs compete at the limit in three kitchens operating at the same time, arranged on an impressive set with three levels, a mobile platform and 30 TV cameras. The programme is currently in pre-production and is starting the casting process. Those interested in participating can sign up for the selection process on the show’s website at Its first broadcast in the USA became the best premiere of a cooking show in history. The passion for cooking has never gone so far. ‘Next Level Chef’ will bring to Spain a unique culinary challenge, never seen before on television. Mediaset España is preparing, in collaboration with Shine Iberia (Banijay Iberia), the adaptation of this internationally successful format in which chefs of all kinds, from all fields of gastronomy, will compete against each other. In this spectacular talent show, the competition will pit three main groups of contestants against each other: cooks, amateurs and foodie influencers. The 15 chefs who enter ‘Next Level Chef’ will then be chosen by each of the programme’s three mentors, three renowned chefs with a single objective: to find the next big name in the world of cooking. The competition will be hosted by a presenter, who will act as master of ceremonies and will set the challenges that the chefs will have to face in each phase of the competition.

An iconic set with three levels and a mobile platform

The contestants of ‘Next Level Chef’ will not only have to demonstrate their art in the kitchen, as the competition will also require adaptability, improvisation, speed, reflexes, astuteness and cold-bloodedness to make decisions in extreme situations. The programme will take place on a spectacular set with a vertical structure on three levels with three differently designed and identifiable kitchens that the contestants will have to adapt to in each challenge: a state-of-the-art kitchen on the top level, a standard kitchen on the intermediate level and a precarious installation on the lower level, with only the basic elements. To complicate the tests, the participants will have the ingredients to cook on a mobile platform that goes up and down the heart of the structure, so that they will have to decide quickly which products to take. Some will be lucky enough to choose good raw materials and others will have to make do with leftovers to create the culinary proposals on which they will be judged by the mentors.

Best cooking show premiere in history

Developed by Studio Ramsay, the production company of legendary chef Gordon Ramsay, and produced by FOX Alternative Entertainment and Studio Ramsay, ‘Next Level Chef’ has been a huge ratings success with its first two seasons airing in the US, where it was the most-watched cooking show premiere in history. The third season premiered at the end of January and garnered over seven million viewers on Sunday prime time. A fourth season of the format is currently in production and will premiere before the end of the year on FOX. In the UK it has been broadcast on ITV1.