• João Paulo Rodrigues and DO NOT FORGET THE LYRICS! are synonymous of…GOOD DISPOSITION! And they will be your company, from 13th March, on Saturday nights on RTP1.

13 March, 9 p.m., RTP1

João Paulo Rodrigues and NO TE ESQUEÇAS DA LETRA! are synonymous of … GOOD DISPOSITION! And they will be your company, from March 13, on Saturday nights on RTP1.

DO NOT FORGET THE LYRICS! is the new competition where music is the queen of the night. Here, the contestants will be able to sing hits from different genres, decades and artists… but chosen by them! All they have to do is get it right, there’s nothing to get wrong!

This is a new challenge and a singing space for the whole family, and who says so is our presenter, João Paulo Rodrigues. Watch the video.

Are the Portuguese great connoisseurs of music…or do they only know a few lyrics? That is what we are going to test in DO NOT FORGET THE LYRICS! At centre stage, and microphone in hand, the contestants are accompanied by the resident band. All they have to do here is enchant and not get out of tune! The lyrics are on the screen – but only until a certain moment. When the lyrics disappear, the contestants will have to complete them and we will give a prize to the one who knows them by heart!

So begins the mechanics of the game: it is divided into two phases. In Stage 1, two competitors face each other in an exciting duel, competing in different song categories. The winner, the one who earns more points by answering correctly to the greatest number of words requested, advances to Phase 2, but now alone. Here you will play the six categories of the evening, aiming to climb the ranks of the Money Tree, up to €5,000. If you get all the requested lyrics right in the six categories, you also have the chance to win the top prize, by playing the 10,000 Euro Song. But, to win it, the contestant must have the lyrics of 10 songs that became hits in Portugal on the tip of his tongue.

Adapted from an original American format, this programme has already been produced in more than 20 countries, highlighting the French version, on show since 2007. A Shine Iberia Portugal production for RTP.

DO NOT FORGET THE LYRICS! with João Paulo Rodrigues to be seen from 13 March, on Saturday nights on RTP1… a programme that no one will forget!

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