Let’s dive into the depths of Portuguese gastronomy in the new edition of the world’s biggest cookery competition!

Passion for cooking will be put to the test in the new edition of MasterChef Portugal from 18 November at 9pm on RTP1.

Many dreams will come true here, but only some of them will be realised with the help of Chef Miguel Rocha Vieira, Chef Noélia Jerónimo and Chef Diogo Rocha, who will pass on their knowledge of the kitchen to everyone.

For Noélia Jerónimo, “being back on MasterChef is great. It’s being able to help make dreams come true, to meet new people. From this MasterChef I expect people with talent, willpower and the desire to live this adventure”. Chef Miguel Rocha Vieira confesses that, “I never expected to receive a phone call challenging me to return to MasterChef. MasterChef changes lives and it’s undeniable that mine has changed”. A challenge also very well accepted by Chef Diogo Rocha, who “at the age of 4 already knew he was going to be a chef”. In MasterChef Portugal the aspirants will have the challenge of their lives. With tests in the studio and in very special locations.

The MasterChef Portugal kitchen opens its doors again on Saturday evenings after the news on RTP1 from 18 November.